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For those that don’t want to make a trap to tame this dino (due to their posse of Carnos), there are other ways!

I rode a Quetzal to taunt and draw the Yuty away from the Carnos since most stopped to attack mammoths and megatheriums.

After you get the Yuty alone, dismount your Quetzal while standing on top to fire tranqs (or other KO ammo) over the side.

Sometimes the Yuty will stand underneath the Quetzal completely, so don’t push it and accidentally fall off the side, just move the Quetzal to a better vantage point and keep going.

Once knocked out completely, I noticed the Carnos never came back to where I drew him off to making it much safer!

I don’t tend to use traps for my tames so this strat seemed easiest for me.

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