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How to tame a Yuty with 3 large bear traps, a longneck and some tranqs:

1. Locate Yuty.

2. Align large bear traps in a straight line (each one has a bit of distance in between) a good distance away from the Yuty.

3. Clear area of large creatures, as they may fall into the traps.

4. Wait until the Yuty and it’s carnos move in to attack something.

5. Shoot the Yuty with a tranq after it has roared. The Yuty will then chase you while the carnos continue attacking their first target.

6. Shoot as many tranqs into the Yuty as you can while running back to the bear trap line set before.

7. Yuty will run over and become trapped in the bear trap, allowing the player to pump tranqs into it.

8. Kill the Yuty’s carnos, who were far too late in their task of defending their master, and feed the Yuty the carno meat >:)

9. Name it Abunga

NOTE: technically only 1 bear trap is needed if you perform perfectly, however I like to have backups placed in case a trap or two are tripped on accident, or it takes more than 1 trap for the Yuty to knock out (the higher the level, the higher the chance this will happen).

In my opinion this is way more resource and time efficient than a traditional stone wall trap. Hope this helps! :3

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