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Packmate, I've been a Yutyrannus rider for a long time. I prefer Yutys over Rexes, as their control level is super high and they synergize well with pack creatures and apex predators alike. Their bites have crazy knockback, sending your prey over to your allies.

A Raptor pack is extremely dangerous when they stick by a Yutyrannus rider's side. Between my imprinted Raptors, their Pack Chant and the Courage Roar, my prey was killed so quickly that I legitimately forgot that they were even there for two seconds. It happens even faster when I have a five-pack of critters: three Raptors and two Allosaurs. Deinonychus work great, too!

Courage Roar adds even more damage to fantastic abilities like a Spino's Hydrated, Deinonychus' bleeding attacks and a Wyvern's breath weapon.

Lemme put it this way, packmate: Yutys are amazing for those who take the time to know their animal companions, or for Tribe cheiftains. Wild man or Tribesman, you can't go wrong with this tyrant.

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