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Went to tame one of these on Ragnarok and unfortunately it…

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Went to tame one of these on Ragnarok and unfortunately it took me HOURS of searching in order to find a high level one. When I finally found a nice 135, I set up my taming trap, and accidentally put a foundation inside the ground so I couldn’t pick it up or attach walls. So, I went to go get materials to make a new foundation and just had to hope it was still in a good spot when I got back,

Thankfully, it was, and I led it into my trap. Tranqed it just fine, gave it some raw mutton. Life was good. And then a blizzard hit. My primitive fur gear and imported ferox were not enough to protect me from the elements, but my health drain was slow. I elected to stick it out.

Then a 150 yutyrannus spawned. Oh no. Although it pained me, I killed it so I could stay with my downed 135. In spite of my health being below half and still draining, life was good again, and I had no other problems. My yutyrannus was almost fully tamed; just a couple more feeds and he’d be mine!

And then. The server. It crashed. All my hours of effort and sacrifice, probably for nothing. I anxiously refreshed the server list, waiting for [US] Emoji Movie 2 to show up. At long last, it did, and I joined as fast as possible, and nervously waited for the game to load in.

To my utter dismay.... everything was actually fine. My yutyrannus’ taming bar had glitched to always read “put food in inventory to tame”, but progress was going up. The sun rose, the blizzard ended, and I guzzled cooked meat by the fistful to recover my health. I put my new pet Yutyler in a cryopod and headed home.

And then the server crashed AGAIN. I miraculously was still alive upon login, and was able to find my wyvern, but my beloved ferox was nowhere to be found and there was another hungry yutyrannus patrolling the thick woods. But eventually I found him, floating in the air, and went on my merry way to my home in the desert.

You’d think that after all that, I’d stop having problems, right? Wrong. Before I even got all the way home there was another crash. Everyone survived it. I finally got home. The next day, my friend’s entire base got wiped out when a giga spawned in it.

Nothing good has ever happened in that server ever since I tamed Yutyler.

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