I was flying around on the NW part of the island when I…

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I was flying around on the NW part of the island when I saw a Yutyrannus seemingly stuck on an iceberg near the shore. After looking for the carno escort and finding it absent, I cautiously dismounted and began to fire tranq arrows at the hapless dino. It took a long time but finally the Yutyrranus fell unconcious..underwater. Moaning my luck, i jumped into the water to take a look at the creature before it died. Level 145. Great...but, what's this? Oxygen not depleting?? Excitedly, I dropped a pile of prime meat into it's inventory and sat nearby to wait, watching my butt for wolves and praying for a dearth of megalodons. One hour later, inexplicably, like a furry Godzilla rising from the depths, my Yutyrannus rose, vocal and unscathed. Her name is Queen Luna and so far she is almost level 290. Commanding an army, she has battled the Broodmother and won. Soon, she shall destroy the Megapithicus as well. She is truly a miraculous tame. I have screenshots of her during and after her taming.

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