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Girls and Boys do I have news for you.

The simple and most effect way that I found involves the use of one soaker, a pump shotgun, and some ammo and mutagen of course 31 to be safe.

Step one: Find a voidwyrm that you want to tame and remember it’s location.

Step two: You will need to summon your soaker via cryo pod on either 1 of 3 things. A nearby space asteroid, the space biom’s structure or the side walls.

(Losing your soaker is highly possible I do recommend using a tracker node on your soaker to find him later)

Step three: Get the voidwyrm’s Aggro and lead it to your soaker.

Let me summarize what you must do as best I can to get you to step four…

You might think why can’t I summon my soaker in space, you could but most of the time the agro will switch to you and not your soaker.

Having the soaker grounded and on foot. As long as you’re furthest away from the voidwyrm than your soaker is. The aggro of the voidwyrm will always go to his closest target.

At this point you want the voidwyrm to shock your tame, not biting it. If the voidwyrm is biting he’s mostly flying around and will eventually aggro on to you. If the voidwyrm is shocking he will become stationary indefinite and continue to shock your soaker.

Step four: Get close, but not closer than your tame is, start shooting the voidwyrm with your pump action until the voidwyrm is ready. A sound and blue flames will come from the voidwyrm which means that it is ready to tame. Move quickly to the void and mount him.

At this point your traps failed because this tame can destroy metal structures and lower tier structures, your probably saying finally I got one… so leave a like send my post up and I hope this helped you as much as it did with me. Happy Ark Hunting everybody

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