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Contrary to what you may hear, the Voidwyrm is one of the simplest creatures to tame in ARK. The issue is attempting such a thing without decent bait and strategies.

Now for the tips themselves, so here we go:

1- Humans don't make good baits. We have relatively low health and can't shoot while stunned. Spoilers: You need to hurt the Wyrm, oh, and it also can stunlock you to death if you are not careful enough. Tames with high HP (20k+) and OK saddles (40+) are enough to even the hardest hitting of their tames.

2- They can and will destroy all kinds of structures. Trapping them with man-made structures is almost impossible, and baiting with structures is impractical, unless you get lucky enough to trap them a corner. Another spoiler: They not always spawn near natural map structures, and kiting them isn't very pleasant...

3- They can steamroll your precious Hover Skiff. Any and all Voidwyrms instantly destroy Hover Skiffs, no mercy will be shown. As Skiffs are the fastest way to search for such a (now) very rare creature, it's advised that you tame them where they spawn, and place your Skiff away from the area.

4- They take reduced damage from TEK weapons; This, however, can and should be used to your advantage, as they need to be brought at very low health to be tamed. Below 10%, to be precise.

TL;DR: Let your creature tank it, carefully shoot them, mount when ready, use Mutagen when they roll. Repeat any of these when needed if bucked off.

Finding them is now the real pain. If you use the Wiki Spawn Map, uncheck the "Space_Gen2" box. You are VERY unlikely to find them in these areas. To the ones that don't: stay to the West of 50 Longitude.

In any case, try to stay at more or less the level of the bridges.

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