This thing is super easy to tame. You need one player ten rockcarrots a flyer and a ghillie suit. I found mine in ragnarock on the grassland near the wyvern ravine. Use your mount to fly around and find one. Warning the chances of you finding one are very low there is only one on the entire map. Once/if you find it make sure there are no predators around. If there are kill them first. Once the coast is clear land a good distance away from the unicorn. (Make sure your flyer is on neutral) then put on ghillie suit and put the carrots in the past slot of your hotbar then approach slowly. Only move closer when the unicorn is looking away. When your right next to it feed it the carrot. It will run away if it doesn’t immediately tame. It normally takes 1-3 carrots so don’t panic. Mount your flyer again, go high in the air and see where it goes. If it runs into a predator protect the unicorn. Then repeat process until tamed.

Congrats on your new unicorn!!!

-a cool person

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