In Ark Mobile, the tame requires griffin kibble. This makes it an end-game creature. Why? Because Griffins need traps, and you need their respect to tame them. But why can't you just look around for their eggs in the wild? It's because Griffins do NOT lay eggs in the wild, and must be bred, or probably tamed to lay eggs. Griffin Kibble also requires some ingredients that need to be bought from the shop. I suggest a soothing balm, because it will make the taming faster. They use the exact same saddle as Equus, so if you are new to Ark, do not be fooled. Unicorns are more endgame than you think. Do not try putting it in the pen at levels that do not suit the requirements for taming a griffin. The Unicorn will simply starve after Ark weeks of being in the pen. I do indeed know this because I trapped one for a long time, and it disappeared. This is because of starvation. This also happened with a Ovira I did not plan to tame. Mysteriously, it's health was dropping, so I tranqed it. I saw it had no food. That was why it was dieing. It died after that, due to no food. So, if you are not a good level like level 80-70 you should probably not trap it. Once tamed, when you jump, it will make a mini-rainbow. If this was helpful, you know what to do. I recommend a pen to tame it too. Here are the things you should need to tame it: A taming pen(recommended), soothing balm(Also recommended), and of course, Griffin Kibble. Have fun with your unicorn. And do note, unlike Equus, these cannot be tamed with any other herbivore taming foods like vegetables/berries. So they can ONLY be tamed with griffin kibble on Mobile.

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