I was flying on my pt when i saw a titano.

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I was flying on my pt when i saw a titano. I looked at it and used photo mode (i'm on mobile) to take a picture of it. Then, i went back to my base.

I need an anky, so I went to herb island. On the way there, i saw a leed. I scraped some meat from it, then took a picture of it.

Then, I went to herb island and searched for an anky. But there is no high level anky. I only found some trikes, brontos, phiomia, low level ankies, and A FLIPPIN UNICORN

I took a picture of it and collected it's poop. Since i don't have access to griffin kibble, i left it be.

What is my luck right now?

Tip: Eat the unicorn poop, it is good for you.

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