Ok, so heres my story about this son of a b****.

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Ok, so heres my story about this son of a b****.So, i was just chilling have some fun on pc ark but then i decided “lets use my mod to find a tuso!“ And so i did my mod showed me a level 96 tuso that wasint to far away from me (its the island map btw) so i started gathering my nalck pearls and items together i mad some scuba gear and set of on my spino Riptide he was a bulky boi did about 700 damage with one claw swipe and hydrated buff had a decent saddle to! Ok, on with the story we started heading to the location where the tuso was, it was right next to the barrier and there was tons of threats around it me and Riptide cleared everything out and headed for the first feed.... It went well! I realized we need to feed it 3 times until it was tamed time passed I started to get anxious “what if i die?“ “what if Riptide dies?“ I realized I should go in for the next feed and so i did.... Hell broke out the tuso grapped Riptide and me and fricking slammed us throught the barrier! I lost all my stuff and my brave Riptide who fought until the end... #RIP Riptide!

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