Behavior: Netural

The Tropeognathus is a pterosaur that is found in Crystal Isles.

I found mine in the red forest by the volcano, but they spawn near the floating islands too.

While slow, you can attach a jet booster on it’s back to soar in the sky at ever so fast rates. It takes gas as if it was honey. It can also shoot grenades via the turret on it’s back.


You will need the following: 1 hand bola, 8 Stone pillar, 2 Stone roofs, 1 ballistic turret, 1 Chain bola, And taming food.

First, find the Trop

Second, throw the Hand bola

Third, Use the stone pillars and build a diamond shaped trap with the trop inside. Add the two roofs

Fourth, Chain bola the trop

Lastly, Feed it the taming food

Have fun taming!


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