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For taming it’s best to go to an area where you won’t be disturbed often, preferably ontop of a hill or cliff. Make a trap similar to a classic argentavis trap (I highly suggest using mental structures though). On one end you’ll have your gate, as usual, but on the other end have a turret loaded with a chain bola on a metal foundation in such a way that will prevent there being enough space for the tropeo to fly out. Once you lure the tropeo close enough to the trap, run and mount the turret, face it into the trap, and once the tropeo flies in bola it. Quickly close the gate. Be careful walking around the trap, as if it grabs you you’ll have to hit it to get free which will mess up the taming. It’s ready to be fed once it says “doesn’t want to be tamed right now”. You then have to chain bola it again in order to be able to feed it. This is easiest with two people, as it will target whoever last chained it, allowing the other person to safely feed it.

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