Imagine this:

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Imagine this:

A Fully kitted space whale loaded half and half with element and ambergris surrounded by saddled tropeognathuses who are running escort for the space whale, teleport into sight when suddenly enemy tropeognathuses show up firing flak rounds at the space whale the dogfight that ensues will be awesome and terrifying. Any beach Bob will be drawn like a moth to a flame to watch the battle overhead as tropeognathus rain from the sky as the escort party finishes the pirates off and proceeds to target the enemy base dropping the bombs and teleporting away just before the charges detonate. The beach Bob looks in awe before turning to go inside for a dinner of berries and meat only to realize his thatch hut was obliterated in the bombing of the neighboring bobs hut.

All that to say tropeognathus would be useful as bomber escort birds

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