Listen up kids! Ssssstory time!

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Listen up kids! Ssssstory time!

So I, together with my girl friends, made a smol griefer tribe on crystal isles map on a serv. Me, Mack Sharky, Hamster Man, and Indoraptor, a bunch of others made the ultimate dream team. We went around grieifng the alphas and arse tribes doin justice, giving bobs stuff etc. It was all fine until it all went downhill.

I was soarin in the skies with my friends and flyers, when all of a sudden, the alpha came in on the new trophy uhhhhh whatever it is, and yeeted the whole team. We watched as we were wiped to the ground. We did not cry. Not a single tear shed. We watched our final sunrise on the server. Our final sunrise, before we all quit and played other games.

Even then, it's been two years since I played ark, it's been a good run. I will always remember the day when the team met and the day when we parted ways. Whenever I think back of this very memory, I would smile.

We few.

We happy few.

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