One day I was just riding my parasaur on the beach, i was…

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One day I was just riding my parasaur on the beach, i was on my way to show my friend my brand new armor. As i was riding i noticed an egg, i was curious which dino layed it. So i dismounted and saw it was a trike egg, i mounted my parasaur and left the egg there. Or i thought, i was hungry so i opened my inventory. I saw the egg sitting there, i realized i accidently picked up the egg. I closed my inventory and looked behind me, the trike was chasing me. I hid my parasaur behind a rock and knocked the trike out with my hands. It was a lvl 2 so it was prettig easy. My armor was strong so i did not die. It finally fell unconscious. I stuffend it full of mejoberries. After a while he was tamed. I named him Trooper. I made a saddle for Trooper and i rode him back to my base with my parasaur behind me. Trooper quickly leveled up. He is still protecting me to this day.

The story of Trooper

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