Alr so you wanna tame this beast? Ill show you the easiest and the cheapest way to tame one!

Our supplies for the journey!

1:A flying creature (Recomend the Griffin or if not then a Tapejara or the grappaling Argie tac tick.)

2: Rocket Launcher (Best rarity: Journ and Asc or if you dont have those rarity, you can make multiple normal launchers.)

3: 3-5 stacks of Rocket launcher cannons.

4: Best armor (Titano has a very large damage hitbox and can trample you when your in its feet.)

5: Titanosaurus Saddle (Aqquired at Lvl 100 + 175 EP [Engram Points].)

Alright lets start!

Step 1: Find a Titano (I recomend finding them in The Centre, Schorched Earth, and The Island, they also spawn at relitively flat spaces in The Centre and The Island and for Schorched Earth they just spawn randomly.)

Step 2: Once found get your flyer ready then shoot with the rocket launchers (Hit its head to get the torpor raised up, but when you hit the other parts, it dosent effect the torpor effect of the titano, so hitting the head only raises the torpor.)

Step 3: Reapet the shooting in the head.

Step 4: Once you have put your gigantic sauropod to sleep,you dont need to wait forever and feed it with berries, instead just put the saddle in its saddle box then its instantly tamed! Although you cant feed it, so it will starve to death in Multiplayer but it dosent die of hunger in Singleplayer though!

Well thanks guys for looking at my guide! Hope you like it so peace out guys! ✌

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-ThegamingINDO445 A.K.A Your Average ARK Player

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