SINGLE MOBILE PLAYERS ON THE ISLAND! Listen Up! You can TRAP THE TITANOSAUR! You hit it in the head then log out and then back in and the torpor builds up! You have to do this for every shot. To check the torpor use a magnifying glass (spyglass) and stand far away from it. You cannot be riding anything. ONLY HEADSHOTS BUILD TORPOR! You will know when you hit it on the head because it will make a noise and jerk it’s head. If it does not do this then you did not get the head. Remember to have the titanosaur platform saddle ready before you knock it out. Also, bring back up weapons. A TON of backup weapons or else trap it near your fabricator (craftable in smithy) so that you can repair your weapon and craft ammo over and over and over again. You will also need a ton of ammo. The torpor on a level 1 is 25000 and a rocket only does about 200 torpor per shot. It is not much better with a cannon so unless you miraculously have a Mek cannon or Tek animal, you should get ready for an incredibly lond and painful taming process. Keep in mind that the titanosaur will swing it’s head around like crazy to make it harder for you to hit. Do not let it out of the trap because it would 100% rather die than be tamed by you. Once knocked out, put the saddle on it and it will be instantly tamed. Ignore the feed taming food sign. It’s favorite food is titanosaur platform saddle. Up to let people know.

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