Finally i tame 3 titan eery titan also ..

Tip for titan tanm..

1)you can trap titan need Big Bh...gat for that

2)we can change wild titan direction Rockets lun... need for that..

3)Must useful weapon is rocket You can tame easily But don't trap titan when you attack

4) need one plear ground attack and one plear air attack (Griffin,tapazara)

5) no need to Quitzl because it's very hard

6) Always put your dino passive because i loss my many griffin

7)You need to speed for run.

8)Run and attack run and attack it's useful trick

9) Need fare attack for torpor..

10)No need harry up

11) stay always cool down

14) When you have work in real life you can trap titan

15)you can trap easily Go canter of the titan first gat put in front second gat behind your and titan traped

16)if you use ground attack don't go near the titan ..

17) when titan health very low You can go near and you can attack easily..

18)800 rocket perfect but prepar 1000 rocket

19) You need to have lot of space and character speed

20)Stay near the titan for health

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