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So I was going about my day in ark and a titanosaur…

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So I was going about my day in ark and a titanosaur spawned ON me and I decided to leave it alone seeing as it was huge and I didn’t know how to knock it out besides cannons and rocket launcher (I’m in ark mobile) anyway I go back across the island to my base and one hour later the same titanosaur is at my base I was wondering how he got there from across the island but he stepped on my spike wall and attacked my entire base and destroyed it all it killed my trex and my bronto’s and even my giga it was a sad day and so I took my level 681 mosasaurus and placed a bunch of mini guns on him (took a few days of grinding) and filled them each with 500 bullets (ten mini guns) and I also built a giant mini gun that I operate and I shot so many bullets at it he died in seconds so I rejoiced!

A few moments later...

A tuseotuthis grabbed my mosa and killed us both :(

R.I.p. blueberry

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