If you are taking with berries or vegetable here are some easy steps for you ( read full then do )

Step1: Have at least 3 large bear trap and 20-25 tranqs and at least 380-450 narcotics berries or more

Step 2: place a bear trap in front of you and shoot him

Step 3: when he comes to attack you he will be traped then place the other two in a line and stand at the end of it and he will be stuck and when he breaks the trap he will come to attack you and he will be traped again

Step 4: meanwhile you keep shooting him tranqs after a while he will try to run chase in and keep shooting tranqs

Step5: when he out give him crops to eat and keep feeding him narcotics berries don’t let his toroper go below half it will take while, and by while it will take like few hours . Hope you have the paitance .

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