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i study books about dinosaurs in real life. The therizinosaurus, does not in fact attack what’s near, It only attacks when it is being attacked. I like your gameplay, but if you’re gonna make it like it was 65 million years ago, then at least make the dino realistic. That’s also NOT in fact what the therizino looks like. Therefore, if you’re making this game to be real, it’s not. So i would quit your gameplay. and others should be quitting too. This games unfair, and cancelled my paid premium. I never clicked restore purchases. This game also makes my tamed dinos untamed, and once killed my sarco for no reason. i was trying to request her, and it also showed 0 tames. Later on in the day, she died. I was like what the hell, how did she die? She wasn’t on my tames list. Make sure his game doesn’t trick you into paying, and i hope this doesn’t happen to you.

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