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I had a level 42 theri, keep in mind this is an easy personal server, and I got her when she was level 18. This theri had been traumatizing me and my dinos for long enough, so I tamed her and named her Fear Turkey. I made the best saddle I could for her, and we went everywhere together. When she hit level 30, she became a war machine. Her days of wood gathering were over. She was ready to fight. One day I took my Megaloceros and Fear Turkey into the north, and we came across a river. My megaloceros made it with ease, but I cannot day the same for my beloved Fear Turkey. She had 2,500+ heath, and over 200 points in oxygen. She somehow drowned. When the message came up that she had died, I threw my phone and had a small breakdown. Then I deleted the game. Long story short, these guys are the best dinos you can get in my opinion, but they are not good swimmers, and do not last long in water apparently. Keep them safe, and spoil them LOTS.

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