okay so if you want to kill that thing on your own, and you have at least lvl 13 then you might have a chance. i have two ways, one with and one without a pteranodon (or any other flying thing). without ptera: build two spike walls in a V shape. make sure there is a small gap between those so you can run through. make sure the therizino is not too far away and hit it with a bow. it should chase you. now just run through the little gap, the therizino should get cought up and “fight” the spike walls (he'll die after a while). with a ptera you can just attack him from the air and lure him to the spikes. stay in the air or fly further away, he'll die after a while. i've killed about 15 therizinos now with that and i'm still using it with lvl 54 ^^” they're just too scary

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