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Personally, I put this thing between Rex and spino on the danger level for new survivors. Rexes have a big aggro range, but they’re slow, and you can get away if you book it. Spinos have a much smaller aggro range, but you can run from em, and they’ll rip your inexperienced butt apart. Theris are the worst because you can get pretty close… close enough to think they won’t attack you…


They will attack you viciously, and since they’re not carnivores, they won’t stop attacking you unless something attacks it and gets closer than you are.

Personally, I challenged one with my raptor, and it killed my raptor and almost me. But guess what? A frickin Rex was frickin attacking the whole frickin time. It only ignored me once it killed my raptor.😭

This was early game. Now I have theris, and they are BRILLIANT gatherers. If you can tame one, tame it. They’re as strong as a rex but they can gather wood, thatch, berries and fiber, along with meat and hide. Plus, you get the saddle five levels earlier.

I’m trying to figure out if they do torpor too, because the edge of the screen turns pinkish purple when they hit me… maybe I’m the only one.

Anyway, good luck everyone!

A fellow survivor.

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