How to capture the death chicken:

1. You'll need at least 4-9 stone foundations depending on your budget, and stone doorframes (depends on how many foundations) and some wooden ramps (depends on budget) and I suggest a flyer ( PT, argy, etc) because of the DEADLY speed and strength (or just tons of speed, NOT recommended) and 100-300 bio toxin

2. Make a square with the foundations (3Γ—3 or 2Γ—2) and at least 3 stone doorframes high with ramps leading up and into it

3. The hard-ish part, get your flyer (or just yourself with lots of speed, NOT recommended) and get it aggressive towards you and fly over the trap making sure its in

4. Get your taming weapon of choice (crossbow or rifle recommended) and fire away (preferably the head if you can)

5. After this beast has fallen throw in some bio toxin or narcotics into its inventory along with its preferred taming food (kibble or crops) unless you are starve taming (dododex has a timer or suggested wait time if you are) and beware of dangers around

6. After it has awoken, enjoy your very own tickle chicken

- ark player who has struggled against this beast many times

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