here's how to tame a therizino using a very cheap method - slider, a guy that just did this. Read through the end.

Materials needed:

a mount that you can stand on (stego, trike... I used a stego for this)


about 100 tranp arrows/darts (you'll see why in a moment)

~75 crops

~187 narcotics

~450 narcoberries(black ones)

or it's preferred kibble

or 40-50 biotoxin(i didn't use biotoxin so I'm not sure how much you would need to use so bring extra just in case)

spino dossier location/a rock that the tickle chicken can't reach you on(tamed mine at spino dossier; or you can just use the mount you bring but make sure it has high health)


1. With your mount scout for a tickle chicken and clear the area if your a bad shot like me

2. Bring your mount to the spino dossier and have them on passive, that is important. Set them up opposite of the actual dossier and on the other side of the ruins with the staircase

3. Jump onto that ruin, and then jump and walk forward into the taller part of that ruin(follow this step as I have written it because it is very important)

4. Look for that chicken and shoot it with your crossbow/longneck

5. While it's running towards you shoot it one more time before it gets up against the pillar you are on

6. When it gets to you start shooting it again

7.(It might not happen every time) When it starts running away stay up there because it can't hit you

8. Keep shooting it if it will run into the other side of the dossier and get stuck where you can shoot it until its knocked out once it does go down and put in your narcotics/biotoxin(the berries will come in at a later time while your taming) as well as the food you're goin to use, I used about 75 corn

9. Once your narcotics run out you'll need to put in your blackberries. IMPORTANT NOTE: it's best to feed the sleep drug 2 at a time a regularly. what I mean by this is feed it when its torpor is about to go below a certain number, ex: feed it twice before it goes below 400 or 500, the number doesn't really matter as long as you can keep it from waking up before it is tamed

10. After you run out of sleep drugs put the blackberries in, do the same thing I mentioned in step 9 but lower that number to about 150-200 if you don't have that many blackberries, if you have a stego feed all of your blackberries to it and hit some bushes with it you'll get a ton of berries and seeds. If you do have enough berries follow those instructions except for gathering more berries.

Before I continue onto stepp 11 I want to let anyone who's reading this tip that play on console/PC I got no clue if this works for you since I only play on mobile, you could try this but I don't know if it'll work and I would hate for you to lose your mount and life if it doesn't. SorryπŸ˜”.

11. If you get bored of waiting like me you could do the sleep trick and skip the time but you might want to trap the theri so it doesn't get killed by anything after it tames

12. Name you tickle chicken

13. put saddle on tickle chicken if you have the materials for one or if you got one from daily gift

14. tickle some random creatures


Spino dossier is across from herbivore island on the cliff part of it.

Extra notes:

If it turns the other way(away from the corner) chase it until you knock it out using whatever gets it stuck.

I am lvl 32/33 and I just did this if you're wondering if this is just a false tip or an actual helpful tip.

If you don't have a saddle already made or don't have blueprints don't worry just play the game how you normally would and you might get a blueprint from the daily gift or until you reach lvl 69.

This was how to tame a therizino with your guide, slider. Have a great time taming and good luckπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ.

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