This is how to defeat this creature if you want a cheap edition…

1. Make at least one theri angry

2. Find a bronto

3. Run underneath the bronto

4. Pray to gods that the bronto will kill the theri

5. If bronto runs away and has low health get the attention of the theri again and run over to 2 or 3 more trikes

6. If the theri still kills them get a raft and make the theri get onto the raft and take the theri to herbivore island (trust me)

7. Sit back and relax watching the theri get beaten by 3 or 2 brontos

8. If the brontos also gets killed then you have only option

9. Get the theri back on the raft and if you have a pteradon get ontop of it’s saddle and the theri would run onto the water and would get attacked by megaladons

Another option which is pretty regretting but proud of what you did…

1. Get lots and lots of parasaurs at level 28 or 25 and only keep their damage up

2. Get a few of dilos level 30-48 and only damage was upgraded

3. Get atleast one trike with high damage

4. Gather your pack

5. Do the war cry at the theri and watch the battle

6. ( Warning ⚠️ ) If more theris come to help the one your attacking do step 2 and 3 in cheap addition

7. Make sure to beat the living life outta it

8. Make graves and admire your brave Dino’s that died in battle😭

If you wanna take theri follow these steps⬇️

1. Get some dinosaur gates (4-7)

2. Get the door for the Dino gates (1-4

3. Put only some Dino doors for the gates

4. Get tranq arrows (40-69 recommended for level 16 )

5. Find a theri and Aggro it (aggro means make it aggressive )

6. When you find theri get it stuck in between trees and put the Dino gates around it

7. Only put the Dino doors for the Dino gates infront of the theri

8. Make a ramp and shoot the theri ontop of the ramp with tranq arrows (You can use tranq arrows (unlock them at lv 25) Premetive or however you call them arrows but only about 20-30 or you can get tranq arrows from dead raptors)t

9. If the theri starts running away from you hit the theri with some more tranq arrows (warning ⚠️) they run really fast so make sure to have good aim )

10. Once it knocks out feed it berries it doesn’t eat prime meat or original meat

11. I recommend you use soothing balm and give them a lot of bio toxin or narcotics because their torpor goes down fast

12. Make sure to kill any hostile Dino’s around it so they don’t kill it while it’s knocked out

13. Enjoy your new friend<3

Here are names for your new friend if you tamed it…

1. Big chicken

2. nugget

3. Pro traumatizer

4. Iggy

5. Scorch

6. Deadly Beauty

7. Beauty

8. Long claws

9. Giant boi/lad (lad = girl but fancy )

10. Dangerous one

There’s many more names you can pick but can you please give a Like? I spent over an hour and a few mins writing this for you guys so a Like would really Be appreciated!

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