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I know most of you are here because you can’t find a way to not get ripped to shreds by this thing. A few days ago, my brother and I were around level 25 on the south of the island and kept seeing these menacing tickle chickens. These guys were murdering our pets at night and stalking us from 200 meters during the day. One time, one came particularly close to our house, and we had to improvise. We went on our fortified raft (no we didn’t just run away) and my brother started shooting mr tickle. He didn’t like that so he followed us out to the sea. We saw a group of Megaladons nearby and had mr tickle follow us straight into the big chompers of 4 megaladons. He was never to be seen again. Megaladons don’t flat out attack you if you’re on a raft so we’ve found that to be the best way to take care of the tickle chicken at a low level and have done it every time we see one.

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