Tame it. It doesn't matter if you don't have it's saddle yet. it can protect you from most things and it's easy to tame. TAME IT IF YOU'RE ATLEAST LV.28!!

There's 2 ways to tame it. But both requires you to be Atleast 140% speed or else you're dead before you even try to trap it πŸ’€

here's the first way

1. Make a wooden trap if it's below lv.20 Make a stone trap if its lv.30 to 40 and make A trap that it can't harm if it's too high leveled

[ Things you need for the trap, 4 foundations, 16 Doorframes, 4 to 6 ramps ]

2. have Atleast 60 to 70 Narcotics and Atleast 30 Biotoxins you can get biotoxin from the Cnaridia the glowing jelly fish in lakes/oceons/rivers It can be found in every body of water except swamps

3. have 25 to 30 Traq arrows if you're using a crossbow and 40 Traq arrows if you're using a bow

4. gets some rockcarrots Atleast 30 or 40 of them and if you don't have rockcarrots then Just use 200 to 250 mejoberries

5. make it chase you into the trap and start using Traq arrows on it once it goes down just put the food into its inventory and Protect it and Check it's torpor Every Minute and Boom. now you have you're very own Tickle chicken

6. (Bonus) If it doesn't go in the trap Then YOU go in the trap Destroy the ramps then keep tranqing it till it runs and chase it till it goes down if it keeps moving diff angles like if it goes to the left side Just make sure you Go diff ways and away from it before it turns you into a hashtag

Second way

1. Go into a big enough mountine or Platform ( no. You can stack yourself up. With structures. )

2. Make sure it can't climb it and catch it's attention with a Slingshot, then Traq it with the same amount of traqs like in the first Way and Use the same narco and biotoxin and food Like in the first way

3. if it tries to run away just try and keep shooting it but if it runs into trees and you can't shoot it from far distance then start chasing the trackstar out of it then Once it's down put the food and narcos and toxins in it's invo and check every 1 minute and Check around for things that might destroy the taming progress like micro raptors, raptors, dilos, and other small stuff like compys

4. after it's done taming reward yourself from over coming the small heart attacks you keep getting when you got chased by it and go murk some raptors and Some other things you can murk with it, Also harvest barries with it once you have it's saddle because holy bongos it can Go toe to toe with a wild rex once it's Atleast 5 levels higher than the wild rex because it has high health and Good attacks + can be as fast or even faster than a raptor

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