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Blood is red

Water is blue

This will kill you

And so dont go close

To the giant claws it holds

As terror birds will kill you

Just like him

So run for your life

As it chases for you

Sacrifice your dinos

If you want to survive

Well that wasnt true

So is lies

This guy wants personal space

Just like you

So why do we judge

When it has a reason

Herbivore or Omnivore

But spino is carnoivore

Just like it

Spino likes space

Are you sad?

Are you mad?

That your dinos died?

Well that is fair.

Fate decides when he wants

You may die

And so will me

Everyone tries to run.

But i think he kills either way

Now i see it

So close

And nowhere to go

Sadly its all gone

This big dodo will kill you

And all your dinos.

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