Saw a lvl 20 right outside my baseboard official so I…

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Saw a lvl 20 right outside my baseboard official so I moved my Paracer out and lured the Theri inside. Knocked it out from my roof, moved the Para back in, threw some crops on him, and started farming tons of narcotics (I had about 100 to start it off). Ended up making about 700 total, and proceeded to check back on the tame every ~8 minutes to refill torpor.

2.5 hours pass, I run in my base to check something, and all of the sudden I'm hearing my Paracer get attacked >.< I live on the west side in a relatively "safe" area, so I was really confused about what could be hitting my para, but as you may have guessed, my 80% tamed Theri that had all the narcotics on him was now wide awake and destroying my para. Ended up killing the Theri and logging off cause I couldn't deal with how much time I just wasted by getting distracted right at the end. ;(

TL;DR 1. Dont get distracted. 2. Keep most of the narcotics on your character. 3. .... 4. Seriously though don't get distracted

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