If you see this run, if this is near your base pray to the gods that it goes away, I have one close to my base, and arrows are not good for it, spears? Nope

It can kill a brontosaurus if it tries, and my tips is.

1. If you have a storage put all you things in it and lure the beast away

2. If your face to face with this..... Thing run, just run,it will lose it retest on you.

3. It can destroy your dreams, literally destroy them, I was going to kill some dinos for armor and saw it, The killer of dreams. I thought i can kill it, nope, you will run out of arrows before this thing dies

4. If you have a powerful ranged weapon get the ammo for it and go to a high please ( preferred is a giant rock) shoot it and hope it does dies. And sneak to your area

5. If you think a raptor can kill this beast, just no, no.

It will kill it, and immediately go after you, it's intelligent and I tried to trap it to kill it, can't it went behind me and killed me,

6. If it's really close, pack you bags and go somewhere else.

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