This is from my experience in playing hardcore.

1. This fella can really navigate rough terrain. I was surprised that it even made it up a quite steep cliff. If u want to snipe it from atop, make sure ur standing spot's steepness is at least almost 90 degrees between the lower part of ur 'platform' and the ground. Any lesser will ensure this thing coming up for the kill. I survived but my level 51 Tapejara din't. He saved my life. 😭

2. Sometimes when u r tranquilizing it, all of a sudden it will appear like running away. But, don't be fooled. It does this to lure you down. Happened many times. If it really ran for more than 7 secs away from u, then it is really escaping due to the rising sleepiness. It has a high amount of torpor resist. So, don't expect an earlier catch. Usually takes me at least 10 arrows with a crossbow to attain a result.

3. I realized that Spinos are the best dinos to counter these tyrants due to their buff and knockbacks. If u manage to tame 1, should be no problem if u bump into these terror chicks. Their agro range is very short.

Hope this helps.

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