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Many people overhype the tickle chicken, while it is strong, it’s only barely on par with the other theropods such as rexes and allos, roughly halfway between them in power. Many people freak out over it being able to attack stone, but it only deals one damage to stone structures, and thus a standard 2x3 stone box works perfectly fine for taming them.

If you want tickle chickens, and you should want them, go to the broken- I mean sunken, forest. They’re pretty much the only thing that spawns in the majority of the area (other than what falls through the floor) and extinction tends to spawn high level dinos.

Your 2x3 stone box will have to be babysat for awhile, since even with kibble they take several eternities. Because of their absurd torpor drain rate, you should use narcoberries or biotoxin rather than narcotics.

After wasting several hours of your life browsing reddit and massacring dilos, you’ll have the best boss killer and gatherer on ark.

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