The first time I encountered one of these, I was running…

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The first time I encountered one of these, I was running around with my Iguanodon and a couple trikes and raptors killing everything. I saw a (max level, I think) theri and said “we can take him.

We could not take him.

I barely escaped on my Iguanodon while it killed the rest of my pack, then followed me home. I got it stuck on a cliff and shot every tranq dart I had into it, broke my longneck twice, and that still wasn’t enough to take it down.

Moral of the story: PLEASE DO NOT THE TICKLE CHICKEN! You will die a horrible death!


Many months later, I was trying out some mods, and I found Additional Creatures. First memory of that is being chased through the jungle by a Deinocheirus (it’s like a theri but stronger and faster). My worst nightmare!

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