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As the Tickle Chicken came closer to my flimsy thatch base, I felt true fear. I looked at my spear, knowing if I fought this Terror Chicken, I would die, a lot. But despite this, I crafted more spears, because they always break when you need them not to. Ready for battle and death, I stood in the doorway, watching as the Bane of Noobs drawing closer. Suddenly, it stopped, just out of aggro range, and stood. We looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity, then it left. As it walked back to the jungle that spawned it, it looked back. our eyes met once again, and suddenly, I knew, we both knew, it was my destiny to tame it. I nodded, showing I understood, and the Raptor Slicer nodded back, resuming it's journey.

Don't fuck with the Therizinosaurus.

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