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I remember I tried to tame one of these guys with a…

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I remember I tried to tame one of these guys with a crossbow and was riding on a raptor,i kinda somehow regret the decision since it's torpor rate was kinda high and I have been wasting a ton of arrows for this guy and numerous running until I ran to a random forest on my raptor and found another raptor that its in my way, so I have no choice but to pounce and attack it. I managed to outrun far from the Therizino but it's still around the area so I was a little worried,after I managed to kill the wild raptor with my tamed raptor,i was a little relieved until when I looked back the Therizino was standing over there staring right into my soul and somehow has this goofy creep smile and suddenly went mad and slayed at my raptor,i quickly ran as fast as I could while riding the raptor back to my base,a few more slash it would be dead any minute now,so guys if you wanna tame these guys without proper requirements,just don't yet and stick to a mammoth or a doedicurus instead

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