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Ah, yes. The thery, asshat of all Dino’s. When I first saw this guy I was playing on rag with my comrades. We were still in the “riding trikes to battle” stage, so as you can imagine, we didn’t stand an F-ing chance. Me being me, I thought it looked cool and jumped of my trike billy to see if it was a passive tame. This was my first mistake of the day. Is I approached it, it yelled and charged my ass. Me being the coward that I am, most of my points were in speed. I was able to make it back to my trike before it could kill me fortunately. Of course, me also being stupid, I thought I could take what, I would soon discover, was a lvl 120 Thery with two low level trikes and some puny humans. That was my second mistake. My third was not retreating after it took out a massive chunk out of my trikes health with one hit. After killing me and my trike, who didn’t even have a name, my tribe mate ran. At first I was proud of him for acknowledging he could not take it on, until he led it home...

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