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So the story begins with my two Argys (RIP). I was breeding two Argys and I forgot to feed one of them so it died I was so annoyed but I stayed and looked after the other baby, then all of a sudden the banner pops up and says you are in a dangerous area so I leave my Argy to check out what it was it was a pack of Sabertooths that killed my level 30 Pteranodon I was so mad now. But it got me thinking, then it came to me I would build a new base. So I fly my pink level 25 pteranodon To find a nice location to build my base but my pteranodon ran out of stamina so I went down and I got eaten by a Pack of Allos, I was about to quit. But on the way I saw a Theri, so I respawnd and grinded enough materials to tame the beast. It took me four in game days to tame. It was now night time, and as soon as I was about to tame the Theri then a Carno came and killed it and me. It was at 98% tamed. The single biggest F in the chat ever. I have yet to tame a Theri. Thank you for reading (Rip all tames)

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