I played around these docile looking big birds for weeks now, then thought of it's potential with those big claws... Coming within a near sighted elderly persons viewing distance turned it into a TERMINATOR!!! Lost 1 tame in almost a second and almost another. After going through HELL to tame, you realise why... I want to find a mate and breed these THINGS ASAP as they're lightning fast and powerful like rexes. Health, Stam, Melee mutations would be ideal. Saddling a Yuti as commander in boss battle would be preferable, not nearly the health of a good Rex. (Carnos & raptor playtime get cut short every time, whether you're attacking with carnos & raptors, he swoops in and steals the kill or getting attacked, he's always there first to 1, 2 slap end that song from playing πŸ˜…)

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