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I was only level 14 when I was going to the hill East of the spawn to get crystals for a spy glass. I, being dumb, took 5 low level dilos along with my parasail to defend me. They did well, saving me from raptors and dilos. We achieved our mission. On our way back, I saw it and I recognized it from when I played on mobile (now on ps4). I knew I needed to run but I couldn’t turn with the parasaur. It attacked us and I thought my only hope was all of us attacking it at once. So I got off my parasaur and we all fought bravely. Then my dilos all died in two-three hits. I followed and I saw my parasaurs death on the top of my screen. I wanted revenge, but this time I wasn’t dumb and I climbed on a rock to fire arrows at it and defeated it. I took back my stuff and left to mourn at my base.

Do not go near it if you aren’t prepared specifically for it. Only go after it from higher ground.

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