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I HATE THESE THINGS! I can remember well what happened to me when I was a low lvl Bob.

I usually leave this thing alone after I learned the hard way that it's nothing friendly at all despite being a herbivore. I died many times to this, however, this time, there's one that wandered out of the forest and near my newly built thatch hut surrounded by spiked walls and my dinos (a trike, a breeding pair of dilos, and a low lvl raptor) were inside of it. I know well that it'll end up badly if I provoked it so, I left it alone as I think it'll wander far off BUT NO! IT WANDERED EVEN CLOSER AND STABBED ITSELF ON THE SPIKE WALLS! IT WENT CRAZY, CLAWING ON THOSE WALLS, AND MY DINOS ARE ALL SET TO NEUTRAL AND ATTACKED IT FROM BEHIND THOSE WALLS TO PROTECT OUR BASE.

I watched helplessly at the scene and when my dilos died, I joined 'em. What's the ending? All my dinos died and I died 3 times before I finally killed it behind my spiked walls.

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