I Tamed One Low Level!!

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I Tamed One Low Level!!

One day in ARK a Therizino was Dangerously Close at my base , I didn't have Dinos strong enough to kill one so i decided To Tame one. How i done that? I kept the Therizino Always Passive by Not coming too near , i Built a lot of Spikewalls shaped like this [ and a high platform to shoot over the Spikes , and this was the Moment where i knew , i Can aggro him now. I shot him With Tranq Arrows from an Crossbow and he Fell right into my Trap , he only Attacked the Spikewalls while i was Shooting him with Tranqs. When he almost Knocked out he ran Away , then i jumped over the Spikewalls via The Platform and shot him Again to finish him. Now he's asleep , i fed him some Mejoberries and Used Narcs to Keep him Down.

The trick: hide behind Spikewalls and Have a Platform higher than the spikes

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