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I hate them with a passion like no other. Fast, travel in groups, very aggressive and strong attack means these things won't hesitate to make a meal out of you. All over SE and heavily concentrated in the Red Forest on The Center. If you can outrun them, (higher level = faster bird) best thing to do before you run out of stamina is introduce them to their oversized cousin the paracer. Stand by it's legs and let the bird try to attack you. I will accidentally bite the Paracer and make it angry. Immediately move out of the paracer's legs and run forward then across the path of the paracer again as the bird won't de-agro off you till it takes damage from the Paracer. If the paracer is anymore than 20 levels below the bird, or if the bird has friends, run like hell! If not, wait and the Paracer will kill it for free meat and hide and often some items, as they carry them usually. Same idea works with wolves, cats, etc. You can also run them into other defensive dinos or their fav snacks!

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