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A guide to the Eden zone and Stryder (next guide in shadow mane)

The Eden zone is a friendly area with a Maewings and Stryder. First, let’s start with the Stryder. The Stryder is tamed by hacking it, and can be accessed by using your jet pack to fly on to its back. You have to complete a specific amount of missions for a Stryder, depending on the level. You also need mutagel, which I would explain how to get, but I don’t know how to. The Stryder is also neutral, with lots of health, so be careful if you wish to kill it on foot, otherwise it isn’t too hard with a mount. Now to the Eden zone

Part 2: The Eden Zone

The Eden zone is pretty friendly, unless your in the upper bit. I’ve found lots of alpha creatures, an alpha rex, an alpha carno, and three alpha raptors! Surprising, yeah? Most of the dangerous things are in the upper half of the map, near the mountains. In the lower half of the map, you can find maewings and small predators like dilos or compies, along with medium to small herbivores. Next, there’s the upper half, which has medium to big predators and herbivores. Rexes, yuties, Carnos, and other things spawn near mountains. If your looking for an argentavis, I’ve seen some to the far right of the upper half near the wall. There should be a small mountain, and if you go there you can find argentavis. If you fly upwards, you can find snow owls, pteranodons, and uncommonly, tappies. That’s a basic guide to the Eden zone, the next guide will be in shadow mane, as stated above.


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