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This is especially for new players. They will seem pretty quiet if they are far from the water, but if you see one next to or in the water, don’t try to pet it. They are VERY fast, especially in the water and they do A LOT of damages. I mean if you want you can try but then I hope you had a good life. If one is curious and come visit your base, if it is protected with even wooden spikes, it should be not a real problem ( except if you’re unlucky and it’s a high level one ). But don’t let your tames aggro it bcs they will probably die ( especially new player tames, who has low or mid health ). I mean everything under 400hp will probably die. Above 400hp it is pretty safe but yeah, don’t play with fire. If your base is not protected, well then you’re coocked and it’s time to build a new protected base.

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