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Love these things so much. I swear they WANT carnage, and it’s terrible when that is used against you, but I love having that for myself. While having a much smaller aggro range than most larger carnivores, it is FAR more vicious. In the wild, I’ve seen them take on rexes, trios of trikes, and I even saw one kill two brontos in a row(a theri ended up damaging it so much it ran away, but still…).

I know the roar is useless, but I’d even go so far to say it sounds way cooler than the rex’s. I had a high level spino named Mom, and I would put her on aggressive because it amused me to see “your Mom killed a rex and/or triceratops, bronto, raptor, etc.” I like that they’re overpowered. DONT nerf them. Ever. Please. Thanks for reading!

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