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So when I tamed this beautiful glowing white spino I had just the idea what to name it! Snow, it was a female spino with pretty good stats but I never got to ride her… however I tried my best to craft a spino saddle until one day I did it…. I gladly rid on snow until the 4th day she was gone…. I was worried so I checked tames. I searched snow but it wasn’t there.. my heart was beating fast until I checked tribe logs. I looked what happened for over 3 minutes.. a small tear came down my cheek when I saw “spino lvl 67 snow was killed to theri lvl 12” I was even surprised because snow had very good stats! In fact her health was 2347… I tried taming another spino but I gave up…. She was the easiest spino I could Was able to tame.. until I saw another spino that was like her… I never tamed it and never had a chance…. But that’s when I just gave up I knew I was a noob and couldn’t tame so I’d always kill spinos I’d see to that day… (rip snow, ice, and freezer my best cold friends I ever had) if u feel bad please like this story. I worked very hard on this btw

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