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Up for all noobs that wants a Spino to see!

When I tamed my first Spino, I was only lv 39!

Here’s some tips. They’re mostly found in the southeast shores, and the southern islets. However, they can sometimes spawn IN THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS! To knock out a Spino, I didn’t use trap method. I just ran up a cliff and tranq it out. However, the cliff taming method is hard, as the Spino has torpor run. Be sure to have tons of narcotics and bio toxin, as their torpor drops fast. DO NOT USE NARCOBERRIES! NARCOBERRIES CAN ONLY BE FED ONCE EVERYTIME THE SPINO EATS A MEAT, MAKING IT EXTREMELY EASY TO WAKE UP!

Heres the tools you need:

Do the hunt dilophosaur quest and get a good bow (otherwise use crossbow)

Craft about 100 tranqs (if the level is high craft way more than THAT.)

Medical brews/cooked meat if you need to Regen

A Dino that is fast. I use Sarcos as they’re tanky, fast in water, and can take out annoying aggressive small creatures instantly. I also recommend Gallimimus (not used for engage in battle!), and other fast creatures. The most common method I use is to go right in front of the Spino, and tranq it on my sarco. When my sarco is low, I’ll just hop into the water and continue to tranq it. This way, it’s easy, and when you need to chase it during torpor run, you can just hop right off and chase it. Use fish meat! There are so many rivers nearby! You can also use prime fish meat (if you have sickle), as the local population of salmons are plentiful. Up if you think this is helpful!

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